Porsche 356B is fun money for the taking…


Porsche 356B

Porsche 356B


Porsche 356 Luggage Rack

Porsche 356B Luggage Rack

Let me help you make some money while enjoying yourself on the road.

You make up a short list of 10 cars you want to own and I’m betting there’s at least one Porsche on the list.  And to help a bit, let me suggest a 356B.

Just a short while ago, I spent some time in a 2017 Porsche Turbo S, one of the fastest cars on the planet.  Honestly, the latest offerings from Stuttgart are perfection. Tremendously fast but a few minutes in traffic and you’re wishing yourself onto the Autobahn.

Drop behind the wheel of a vintage Porsche and the feeling is sublime.  Not just daily drivers, vintage Porsches are also money in the bank, and that’s because there is very little like them from the 50’s and 60’s.

Porsche 356B

Porsche 356B

Porsche 356B Dashboard

Porsche 356B Dashboard

Small, nimble, they are cute little machines that make everyone smile when you see them and nearly 60 years old, no one confuses this car with anything other than a Porsche.

Wedged between the early 356A and the disc-braked 356C, the 356B was a step in refining the very first Porsches, and one that is still attainable while offering a positive financial upside.

First, let’s be clear, this isn’t a grand touring car that is going to wrap you in comfort and coddle your backside.

Instead, the Porsche 356B offers a spartan interior offset by scintillating road manners, bubbly exhaust note and a low-slung body.

Porsche 356 Parcel Shelf

Porsche 356 Parcel Shelf

Slipping into the driver’s seat, twist the key on the left side of the wheel, and the rasp of an air-cooled motor fills the air.  Porsches trace their ancestry back to the Volkswagen, and though they share much in noise, the cars are literally night and day.

Out on the road, there isn’t a lot of shock absorption but it’s enjoyable to zip around potholes just to play with the wheel.  And up and down the rev range, that trailing exhaust note is musical.

With only 70 horsepower, you’re not going to be beating much away from the stoplight, but this car has a romance about it that few cars can match.

1959-1964, these machines are of course, very vintage, but what they lack in horsepower, they more than make up in balance, simplicity and fun.

Rare 356 Sunroof

Rare 356 Sunroof

Not too long ago, you could pick up a 356B for $30,000.  Now, a good driver is $50-60,000 and the best are just over $100,000.

But compare that to Porsche Speedsters and SC’s that start in the $200K and up range.  Buy a good driving 365B and you can probably put many miles on these cars and, there is every indication you can sell it in a few years for a bunch more than you paid for it.

A couple of tips; always buy the best car you can afford as it’s always less expensive to let someone else do the restoration.  Second, buy what you want; if you don’t want a red car, don’t buy one thinking you’ll have it repainted as it will rain serious hell on your bank account.  And lastly, buy what you love; if the bottom someday falls out of the sports car market, will you still be happy?


 • A little less than 30,000 built and only 5% had factory sunroofs

• 4 cyl-70HP

• 1900 pounds


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