I always enjoy back-to-back drives and I recently got the opportunity to sample the full size Ranger Rover and the Ranger Rover Evoque.

People buy Ranger Rovers for status, prestige and luxury and trust me, you’ll never have a discussion with an owner about mundane things like cornering grip or 0-60 times.  It will never come up.

The thing you’ll hear the most about is Hill Descent Control and Gradient Release Control (they both have it).  And it IS fun to literally take your feet of gas and brake and let technology easy you down the way, so coming home from La Scala and the navigation system routes you through the Alps, you might just use it. 


Gradient Control and Toboggans

But you have to ask yourself, “have you ever seen a Ranger Rover dirty”?  Me either…

Alas, as much as Land Rover has worked to keep the standard Rover up with the times, compared to the new Evoque, it simply isn’t.
Evoque interior

Looking all squashed and lowered, you would think you’d want for headroom, and if you’re 6’5” or so, buy the regular car. But the Evoque seems every bit as roomy as the big box and you will easily fit 4 or 5 adults in comfort.


The Evoque shares a lot of dashboard and gear with Jaguar, but the fit and finish feel much more aero-space than its aging sister, the cockpit feeling Captain Kirk rather than Captain Crunch.

Sure cargo room is smaller but how much do you REALLY carry?



The Exterior

Head-turning, even being a year or so old, the look is what every car maker wants; chic, upscale, fun.
And don’t forget the” gloat factor”; drivers in Caymans, G-wagons, and X-5’s will all sneak a sideways glance when they pull up next to you, even while pretending they’re not.

The Evoque is a home run for Rover and a peek at what’s to come (see convertible video below) ,the design is exactly what Range Rover needs to become, and I am betting that eventually even oil  Sheiks will want to be seen in something more youthful.

Still undecided?  A simple quiz below:


• You don’t mind attention
• Vanity-everyone will think you lost weight
ROI-take the difference and buy an Alfa Duetto or some such. 60 months from now your $30K investment will have probably beaten the hell out of the DOW


• Don’t mind that your kids call it, “the grandpa-mobile”
• Think that “tweeting” is just something birds do
• Miss crossing the Atlantic on the QE-2

CLICK HERE to watch the video 

And don’t get all up in my face if you own a Ranger Rover standard.  They are wonderful, but so were propeller planes…

See you on down the road,


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