You forget the rain and the cold when 4 wheel drive and 700 HP beckons!

When I was 15, my friend and I took his dad’s car for a drive; stick shift and a couple of hundred horsepower.  No license, no common sense, BUT driving that car, I was immortal.

Today, I have a license (they asked for the number), but mortality is sneaking up on me.  As to common sense…

In my job I get to drive a lot of stuff, but driving the Aventador gave me a tingle like the 1st time I’d driven an Enzo or a Bentley, or that Pontiac, all those years ago.

Friends in high places had scored me a drive in Lamborghini’s latest, including their flagship Aventador, replacement for the now 10 year old Murcialago. I had driven a few Murci’s and they have always felt heavy, awkward.  Flying when you get them going, but…a little avoir du pois.

The Aventador is different.  You either loved or hated the old Murci styling, but this car is beautiful in a brutal, evil, take-no-prisoners way. Instinctively, moms will pull their children a little closer when this thing passes.

My Impressions

  • you know the guy you want behind you in a bar fight?  This is him (car-wise). Seal Team 6
  • huge grip, and that was in semi-dry pavement.  The twisty bits have got to be intoxicating in this car.
  • I never played with launch control or the “crazy” buttons as I was told not to, but the acceleration is absolutely ferocious.   That feeling of tunnel vision, that focus like you have on a motorcycle when you snap the clutch off the line, scary and fun.
  • Pull the door closed and in your head, mission control is going through the pre-launch check-list

And Lamborghini has made sure this car isn’t for everyone.  Do not even consider this car if you:

  •  don’t have an attorney on retainer
  •  detest the paparazzi (Lady Gaga dressed in meat will get less attention)
  • hate the sting of botox as you will need a gallon of it to remove your now permanent smile lines
  • don’t mind your neighbors waking up early, just to watch you leave the garage


  • 0-60- the factory says 2.9 but it feels more like 2 flat.
  • Top speed-the factory says 217 and I did half of that in 3rd, in the wet, almost instantly.
  • Cost-sold out for the next 18 months and counting, so you’ve got time to save the $400 grand.


  • It doesn’t need the little red flap over the starter button, like the flap you have to toggle up to shoot off a missile in a fighter jet.
  • Like semi-trucks, every one of these should have a bumper sticker that says “side mirrors are decorative only”.

As to what the Aventador does to  common sense?  Like a friend of mine said after driving it, “my kids don’t need a college education all that badly.”

Drive the Aventador and you’re 15 years old again, immortality included!

See you on down the road,


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About the Author: Dave Miller

Dave Miller With Lotus GT
Dave Miller drives the fastest, coolest, sexiest cars on the planet. He travels the world uncovering the hidden gems in luxury transportation, meeting the owners, and connecting with extraordinary car enthusiasts. Dave is a member of the Midwest Automotive Media Association and writes for various publications. In addition to, you can follow Dave's adventures via Drive With Dave Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and tune into the Drive with Dave Podcast via iTunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud.

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  1. Lilia Chacon October 31, 2011 at 12:45 PM - Reply

    Great writing on the Aventador. Lady gaga in a meat suit indeed! the styling on that thing is Lambo via Transformers…looks like some of the bad machines that wrought havoc on Michigan Avenue a couple summers ago. What was the shifting like? You got it up to 3rd, how about downshifting? Keep up the good stuff so the rest of us can live vicariously.

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