“No officer, I  haven’t been drinking”.


Timmy”, is a veteran police officer in the Northwestern suburbs of Chicago.  In the last 13 years he has arrested over 200 impaired drivers. Certified as a Standardized Field Sobriety Test Instructor by Northwestern University, he trains junior police officers in detecting impaired drivers. “Timmy” is also a close, personal friend.

Timmy writes:  

My main goal in enforcing DUI laws is to get a dangerous driver off the road.  
People generally think that someone having a few drinks and then driving on the road is not a big deal. “I do it all the time and haven’t hurt anyone.”  
Some advice on drinking and drinking from a cop: “Hey jackass, don’t do it.” 
Me And The Machine





A DUI arrest will cost you: 
  • time lost from work,
  • the embarrassment of the arrest,
  • $5K-8K in legal fees, fines and costs and losing your driver’s license.  


Most importantly, it could cost you or someone else their life. The only one who wins is the defense attorney!

If you are dumb enough to drive after drinking then you are fair game.

And now here is where the game begins. I want you to think that I’m your friend and am looking out for you. This is partially true. But my primary goal is to protect the rest of the people on the road.

If I detect some odor or other signs that you have been drinking or taking drugs, I will ask you to step out of the vehicle to perform field sobriety tests.

  •  The tests are relatively simple but require very specific actions and are graded on rigid guidelines. These tests should tell me whether I have enough information to determine if you are impaired and if I should make an arrest.
  • These tests are not mandatory and you can refuse them.
  • You may also refuse a breath test that I offer you on the street.

If I have decided to arrest you, you win a pair of matching bracelets!  

  1. I will put handcuffs on you and bring you to the station.
  2. I will offer you a breath test at the station.
  3. This test does have a penalty if you refuse it. The penalty is that your driver’s license will be suspended for twice as long as it would be if your breath showed more than .08 alcohol in your blood system.
Ready For This?
  •  The legal limit in Illinois and the US is .08.
  • However medical tests have shown that most people are impaired at .05. Most people don’t know what it takes to be impaired and don’t know their limitations.     Remember, a cop doesn’t give someone a DUI, they earn it!

The coolest way to check your drinks vs. your weight is here:



Much thanks to my friend.

See you on down the road,



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