Morgan EV3


Morgan Motor Co EV3

Morgan Motor Co EV3

Stop me if you’ve heard this one…”a bunch of Brits walk into a pub and create the future”…  (video below)

No matter what you think of England’s sprint to leave the EU, I say God bless the Brits, or more specifically, the nearly 110 year old car manufacturer, Morgan.  Just when we all thought the coming rein of soulless, self-driving transportation was upon us, the electric EV3 Morgan shows up.

Yes, those same crazy dudes that built the funky little three wheeled cars with an exposed engine up front, are now bringing you the coolest bit of art deco since the electric bike I drove a while back (


Forget everything you know about electricity and imagine taking this for a spin. Inspired by the 1930’s aero-engined race cars, EV3 is the stuff of bygone era.

Throw out cookie-cutter sameness, continue handcrafted and bespoke with aluminum panels still hand hammered over an ash wood frame.  Add zero emissions, a large dollop of romance, and you’ve got the Morgan EV3.

Lightweight, agile, with an operational range of 150 miles and weighing less than 1100 lb, expect the EV3 to go  from 0-62mph in less than 9 seconds and a top speed in excess of 90mph.


Morgan EV3 Dash

Morgan EV3 Dash


Morgan EV3 Side

Morgan EV3 Side


The 1st electric vehicle to be produced by Morgan, it won’t be the last as the launch of the EV3 coincides with government funding towards advanced propulsion.

“The EV3 is an exciting opportunity for our customers to enjoy the unique Morgan driving experience and the joy of tailored manufacture whilst remaining conscientious towards the future of our planet.”

– Steve Morris, Managing Director, Morgan Technologies Ltd.

He should have said, “holy shit this will be fun”…

Production to start in Q4 of 2016 and very hip video here:



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