Saw it in the flesh last week and the car is everything they said it was going to be… and more.  Masculine in the extreme, veritably oozing testosterone from 730HP, and 80% of that power is available between 2500 and 8700 rpm.

Ferrari has added 120 HP to its newest Berlinetta and that kind of upgrade has a lot of 458 owners searching for buyers.



Maybe that’s because the 458 is a scalpel and the F12 is a Swiss Army Knife, capable of multi-dimensional things that the strictly sports-minded Italia just wasn’t designed to do.

There are no “buts” about this thing.  There isn’t a bad angle on the car and the interior is typical Ferrari; well thought out and elegantly restrained.



The good stuff:

  • 6.3 liter v-12
  • 0-60 3 seconds flat
  • top end over 210 MPH
  • price between $350-$400k, depending on how you trick it out


As good as this car is, however, it’s not what you want, not really what you lust after, not the stuff of dreams.

The stuff of dreams is due to be released the end of this year…….the F70.

The F70 is the first hybrid from Ferrari and the Enzo replacement. V-12, expected to have a 6.3 litre capacity with over 800 hp, supplemented by a 120 hp KERS unit taken directly from their F-1 car technology.

Heavily disguised (because they don’t want us to see it yet), I do think The Academy got it wrong last Sunday night by not awarding BEST SOUND to the F70 being tested at Fiorano.

See you on down the road,

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