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Faraday FF91

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In the eternal quest for “mine’s bigger than yours” bragging rights, the Faraday FF91 might just be grabbing hold of that fleeting honor.

In 0-60 acceleration test using the FF 91 prototype, the FF 91 went head-to-head against four formidable foes, which included a Ferrari 488 GTB, Bentley Bentayga SUV, Tesla Model X P100D and Model S P100D—the car Tesla claimed as “the quickest production car in the world.”

Using FF technology known as “Battery Boost Mode,” the FF91 delivered 20 percent more battery current, 25 percent more motor current, and 10 percent more torque than in normal drive mode, enabling the FF 91 to click-off a 2.39 seconds 0-60 mph acceleration run. FF 91 outperformed the competition five-times during continual back-to-back run sessions.

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Faraday appears to have done their homework as they scoured Road and Track magazine’s list of top 0-60 acceleration times. R&T tested 19 of the quickest cars to eclipse sub 3-second times (I never knew there were that many sub-3 second cars) with the Lamborghini Huracan Performante and La Ferrari both recording 2.4 seconds.

FF engineers privately tested the vehicle in the quarter-mile using a combination of launch control and battery boost mode. The prototype vehicle was able to click-off 10.4 second quarter mile time.

FF 91’s 0-60 times and quarter-mile achievements were, indeed, groundbreaking and proved our powertrain and battery packs had the ability to accelerate with supercar quickness. However, FF 91’s development wasn’t conducted for the sole purpose of breaking records. FF engineers used data to further modify and improve vehicle performance and dynamic control to help push FF 91 to a new industry standard.

I realize that this car is only a prototype, but the jump from the drawing board to the street is becoming nearly as quickly as batteries have sliced 0-60 times closer to theoretical absolutes.



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