Good Wood Harvard Fly and Dine:

Harvard War Bird Over England

Harvard War Bird Over England

Before you soar in the skies where the Battle of Britain was fought and feel the throaty roar of the 550hp aircraft engine, you will be immersed in the history of Goodwood’s World War II airfield and the part this 1942 warbird played. Once airborne you will be given the chance to take the controls whilst your pilot explains some of the intricacies of flying this complex training aircraft.

When you come back down to earth your magical experience will continue with a delicious lunch for two at the exclusive Goodwood Members Club, The Kennels. Sip a glass of chilled Veuve Clicquot and share your tales of flying the Goodwood Harvard.

Allow 2 hours for the flight experience of which 45 minutes will be in the aircraft, 35 minutes of which will be airborne, before heading to The Kennels to complete your day.

About $800 US

To Book:

CXC Full Motion Racing Simulator:

CXC Full Motion Racing Simulator

CXC Full Motion Racing Simulator

The Pursuit of Realism

Realistic simulation starts with accurate data – procured directly from manufacturers, collected through 3D laser scanning, or by disassembling cars to weigh and measure parts of the chassis, suspension and driveline. However, an accurate simulation is not just an assembly of data. Thanks to a high-tech physics engine and tire modeling system, this data is transformed into feeling when you’re behind the wheel. Bottom line, a successful simulation is about how it feels, how your brain accepts all the cues provided and interprets them as a complete and realistic experience. One of those cues is motion.

From $49,000-$88,000

CXC Racing Simulator

Tile Mate – Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder


Tile Mate Anything Finder

Tile Mate Anything Finder


Amazon here:

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