Ferrari 16M is a bully…

Ferrari 16M

Ferrari 16M

Accelerate hard in 2nd gear, as I did, and around 4000 RPM’s the sound goes from sonorous to battle fury.  Wonderful turns to apocalyptic and your in the grip of addiction as dopamine floods your neurons and every brain cell pleads for another helping, and another, and another.

Ferrari 16M heritage

Ferrari 16M heritage

Mindless intoxication, the 16M saluted Ferrari’s then 16th World Championship in 2008, led to cutting the roof a Scuderia Coupe, and we are all the better for it.  Personally, I would have made this a barchetta and completely ditched the top as the sounds are just that good.


200 pounds lighter than the standard 430 Spider and nearly an inch lower, the 16M is the bad boy of the family, the anti-social sibling that thinks kicking sand on others isn’t just a right of passage, but an obligation to be taken seriously. And if you’re going to be a bully, you can make eye contact with the general public a whole lot easier in a convertible.

A 4.3-liter V-8 making 503 hp and 347 lb-ft of torque effortlessly propels the 16M through the magical 60 miles an hour around 3.5 seconds, and top speed is shy the 200 mark by only a couple of miles an hour.

Now nearly a decade old, the 16M just doesn’t seem it once you slip behind the wheel.  Sure sports cars have gotten faster, better, safer, but in my opinion, a good bit less entertaining with all the computer magic making me nearly as fast on the track as those with real skills.

The 16M wants you engaged, unaware of slip-angle algorithms and such, to concentrate on driving, always urging you faster with a battle cry controlled by your right foot, but lending precious little help to the overzealous short on experience.

Ferrari 16M

Ferrari 16M

Enthusiasts constantly argue the question of torsional rigidity when it comes to convertibles, so put away the computers and focus on what this car was designed to do, and that’s to hustle you down the road or track, accompanied by the pure, unadulterated sounds of a racing machine thrown in. Can anyone ask for more?

And Ferrari was kind enough to throw in launch control on the 16M.  Not my car so I obviously didn’t try it and can’t imagine how much faster off one needs to go.

Now a couple of generations old, the Ferrari 16M is one of those collectibles that’s meant to be driven, and is still fast enough to dust many contemporary sports cars.

Supply and demand always dictates costs, and the Ferrari 16M is no exception.  With only 499 produced, the 16M commands stratospheric prices compared to its other 430 brethren, but guarantees exclusivity.



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