Ferrari 500 TRC

I’m often accused of bias when it comes to Italian cars, and while I’m mostly in the “all cars matter” camp, Italian jobs are my default setting.

Italy has always been able to transform the mundanities of engineering into something unique, exotic, beautiful. During the 50’s, while Ferrari and Maserati dueled it out on the race track, they inadvertently producing some of the most beautiful sports racers ever, and the Ferrari 500 TRC is near the top of that list.

Ferrari 500 TRC

Ferrari 500 TRC

Developed from Ferrari’s 500 Mondial, later the 500 TR, Scaglietti was entrusted with changing up the 500 TR to meet the new C-Section Regulations of 1957.  Ferrari and others, were forced to widen the body, add doors, windscreen, and a rudimentary stowable top.  Clever you for understanding the C in the designation.

500 TRC in C-Regulations

500 TRC in C-Regulations

The new 1957 500 TRC continued the idea of light weight at 1500 pounds.  Now the twin overhead cam in-line four cylinder produced 190 HP @ 7000 RPM’s fed by 2 Weber 50 DCO carburetors swirling gas to a twin spark engine, and could push the 500 TRC to 185 MPH.

Never actually campaigned by the factory, the Ferrari 500 TRC was sold to private customers all over the world.

Only 19 Ferrari TRC’s produced, all in less than a year, as production was ceased to concentrate on the V12 Testa Rossa.

Ferrari’s last 4 cylinder sports racing car was out of work a scant year after jumping off the drawing board.

Need one?  Find a cheap little model here:500 TRC for sale

Or beg a collector for a real one at around $5M.

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