Ferrari 812 Superfast

Ferrari 812 Superfast

Driving fast cars always makes me smile, and the really fast ones leaving me grinning from ear to ear.  The new Ferrari 812 Superfast, however, led me to make a quick stop at the drug store for Depends.  If I regularly drove an 812, I would consider buying them in bulk.


Hanging the name “Superfast” on the Ferrari 812 is a bit like saying vacationing on Mercury will give you a sunburn.  With its nearly 800 HP, admonitions aren’t needed.

Ferrari 812 Rear

Ferrari 812 Rear

If you are at all familiar with the Ferrari F12, the new 812 looks strikingly similar.  But the nips and tucks Ferrari has introduced are designed to aerodynamically handle the 60 more horsepower, and not necessarily using the skin to define a new model.

Ferrari 812 Aerodynamics

Ferrari 812 Aerodynamics

Aero clusters upfront balance the 812’s load while also feeding cool air to the front brakes.  Ferrari has continued passive aerodynamics, building on the F12, adding additional stability that probably becomes evident at warp speeds. 20 inch rims are covered by very thin Pirelli P-Zeros, which have become the rubber of choice for supercar manufacturers, and look the part of a car capable of +210 MPH.

Inside, the 812 is spectacular; techy but not trendy, modernizing the F12 interior while subtly echoing the La Ferrari, and has to be one of the best interiors yet in a modern Ferrari.

Ferrari 812 Interior

Ferrari 812 Interior

Stab the red button on the steering wheel and the Ferrari 812 barks to life.  Soft, nearly quiet at idle, the smallest blip of the throttle conveys instant menace, and my mother’s words of “everything in moderation” comes to mind.  I bet my mom’s never hit the gas in an 812.

Shatteringly explosive, moderation never enters your mind, as lights blink, revs rise, and tires scramble for grip.  Fun, though, is suddenly replaced with caution, then quickly turns to self preservation with the thought of explaining to the judge why 100 MPH seemed prudent at the time.  Never mind it’s not my car.

And that’s the scary part of the Ferrari 812.  People like Chris Harris have the skills to do the Ferrari 812 justice.  I don’t, most don’t, for the 812 has such high limits that very few people will ever see six tenths of what this car is capable of, especially on public roads.

A first for Ferrari, The 812 has electric power steering and it’s razor sharp.  Turn-ins seem just as crisp as pre-electric days.  In fact, I can’t feel any difference in street driving, and a 35 MPH corner is easily taken at twice that.

Perhaps the real elephant in the room isn’t performance but size and I’ve been bombarded with emails as to why Ferrari  (and others), is building bigger cars, and maybe there’s some answers in the table below.  I’m just saying…











1968 FERRARI DAYTONA 174.2 69.3 49 352 5.4 sec
2018 FERRARI 812 183 77.6 50.2 800 2.8 sec
MAN’S AVERAGE BODY WEIGHT 1960 166.3        

Hyper-masculine in the extreme, the only thing that comes close to the 812 in brawn is the Lamborghini Aventador.  Good as the Lambo is, it simply can’t compare to the new Ferrari in terms of all around usefulness artfully combining the speed and handling of the 488 with that little parcel shelf for storing those sanitary undergarments.  There’s a lot to be said for utility.

Ferrari 812 Parcel Shelf

Ferrari 812 Parcel Shelf

Many feel the 812 Superfast will be Ferrari’s front engine V12 swan song, and that makes this car very special.  But I’ve heard these rumors before a la 599 and the 812’s direct predecessor, the F12, and yet no one at Maranello seems ready to chuck the V12 molds just yet.

Ferrari 812 Superfast

Ferrari 812 Superfast

Need one for yourself?  Configure your 812 here

Thanks (yet again) to my friend Tim Roberts for letting me loose in a car he had yet to pick up.  Tim, how about ordering a Portofino or Pista next?

Will the highly rumored Ferrari Dino point a new direction in Ferrari’s small car production? I’m guessing it will be a tad larger than the original…

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