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Tod Ruoti Master Tech

Tod Ruoti Master Tech

Ferrari’s Classiche Certification of Authenticity is a no brainer when you are investing north of $500,000 on a vintage Ferrari.  But what about when you buy a $100,000 F355 or 360 Coupe?

I had been spending some time with Tod Ruoti, resident guru and Master Ferrari Technician at Continental AutoSports, discussing the finer points of Classiche Certification.

Undergoing Classiche

Undergoing Classiche

“Though the Classiche program from Ferrari is designed to certify that a particular Ferrari is authentic, it’s really more than that, and lets an owner delve into the history of their particular car.”

In my mind, it’s getting what you paid for.

Since 2004, the Classiche Program has certifying Ferraris of various pedigree, through a rigorous process of authenticity.  With build sheets on nearly every car produced, Ferrari can tell you right down to the tire size, how it left Maranello.

Ferrari cast numbers

Ferrari cast numbers

Continental AutoSports is one of only 10 Authorized Classiche Certification Centers in North America and the only Midwest location authorized by the factory.

Tod walked me through the process.  “We start with the application which is sent in and paid for in advance as occasionally a car changes hands before the classiche process is completed.  The application itself is 34 pages long and includes 36 specific photos of the car.”

Ferrari's hidden numbers

Ferrari’s hidden numbers

Also included are the “birth numbers”; those hidden numbers that the factory has placed in raised castings, including the chassis, body number (on older cars), gearbox, engine and differential.

On those older cars, metallurgical samples are taken, using a special X-ray gun that gives spectrographic readings on the composition of the chassis. Tod has to grind off a quarter size of paint at a number of chassis points and then repaints the part.

If the car has been repaired or is a fake, Ferrari can tell by the make up of the spectrographic analysis by comparing the percentage of lead, zinc, iron, and cobalt that compares with the actual metal content when produced.

Once the application is submitted, we wait, and it can be up to six months before the the Certification of Authenticity is returned in a presentation book form,” he says.  Certification comes from a 6 member Certification Board as an Official document signed by Ferrari S.p.A.

Classiche Documents

Classiche Documents

Ferrari Docs

Ferrari Docs

It takes 8-10 hours on average and costs between $3000 to $5,000 to have your car certified at Continental AutoSports, but talk to service managers Gary Kral or Scott Wallace for a more exact estimate.

Tod goes on to say that, “every owner should consider this program.  If you sell the car someday, the next owner will want this documentation, and already we see differences at all levels, in Classiche certified car prices.”

Thanks to Tod Ruoti for always be so generous with his time and knowledge.


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