You might not have a TDF in the garage, but you still should at least know the what, why and how of the Ferrari Classiche  (pronounced Class-ee-kay) program.

Tour de France

Mercedes has it, Porsche has it, and now Ferrari does as well.  A method of inspecting for authenticity and, if necessary, sourcing or reproducing parts from original molds, directly from the factory.

I spent  some time with Gary Kral and Todd Ruoti at Continental Autosports, and they explained the program.

250 Lusso And The Classiche

To Ferrari Factory Specification, your car is assessed against how it left the factory.  Easy if it’s newer but what about that 250, 275, 330, etc? 

Here is the deal:

  • Ferrari road cars over 20 years of age
  • All Ferrari F1, sports/sports prototypes, regardless of year of manufacture
  • $2,500 plus inspection time (and inspection time varies based on vehicle age–DUH)

Todd uses a special x-ray gun that assesses the metal’s age at certain key chassis points to determine the particular iron content.  

  • Does that iron content match the metal that would have been used at the time the car left the factory?
  • Is the car authentic?
  • Are there parts that have been replace with non-original parts?

Why is this important to you?  If you go to sell your car in the future, especially, these days, a Ferrari, everyone wants to know it’s the real deal, and as many “run of the mill” cars approach the $500k mark, buyers are asking for proof of authenticity.

Documentation From Nose Badge To Exhaust Pipe

My take on this-if you have an older car talk to your Ferrari dealer and get all the details.  You’ll probably come out ahead on money if you ever sell your ride.  (under parts and service to see the factory video)

Gary and Todd, thanks for your time!

See you on down the road,


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