Ferrari F12 is incredible…

There’s an old saying about there being no atheists in foxholes, and driving Ferraris’ new F12 Berlinetta will make you a believer because “OMG” will cross your lips a bunch of times. Ferrari’s fastest, most powerful road car ever, will do that to you.

Friend and client, Tim Roberts, let me have an early morning go with his newest ride and now several hours after the adrenaline has cleared, I can actually write with bit of objectivity.

Need the stats?IMG_1685

  • 0-60 around 3 seconds,
  • Top speed: way over 200 MPH

But you are missing the point if that’s all you focus on…

Walk up to the F12 and you can easily tell it’s smaller than the predecessor 599.  The distinguishing swoop on the flanks actually starts inside the front fenders, continuing through the bodywork, forcing air down and back, creating a couple hundred pounds of down force, eliminating the need for wings and spoilers and such.  


You have to look for the little brake flaps on the front; small doors that are normally closed, open to shunt air to the brakes as they get hot, then close up again for aerodynamic efficiency.

Inside, Tim has outfitted his F12 Berlinetta with the very comfortable sports seats, perfectly matching the rest of the handsomely crafted interior. What’s become de rigueur in luxury interiors is beautiful stitching and the F12 interior abounds ribbons of white, laced into gorgeous, tactile patterns.

IMG_1687Into neutral, hit start, and the sound reminds you…730 HP.  And there is no sound like a 12 cylinder Ferrari…half the money is for the noise…

Pull the right side paddle shifter into 1st, lift off the brake, and you’re gone…in a blink.  Hit the up-paddle again and you hear that popping noise like an F1 car makes and the acceleration is instantly savage. You suck in a little bit of air, and here’s where “OMG” comes in.  And I never even thought to use the button marked launch.

Pull the paddle again and there is no drop off in revs, the tach staying firmly planted in the fast zone.

There is always going to be a need for the single-purpose, purely sporting machine, but what’s really impressive about the F12 is the way it flawlessly straddles the line between pure sports car and GT car, changing roles before your eyes.


When Tim and I went our separate ways on Saturday morning, the most revealing thing was where he was going…”off to run some errands”, he said.  “The cleaners, then…”  

Ferrari has listened to long-time owners desirous of a car that would satisfy their need for performance while catering to their desire to just run errands…

In the past supercars have always been small, stubby little things with 2 seats (McLaren F1 excepted).  Ferrari has built a supercar laced with heritage, but pointed in a new direction of usability unlike anything else on the planet.  Older, wiser heads will notice and queue up…
See your dealer and spend a little time on a Saturday morning with the new Ferrari F12 and you are going to realize this absolutely brilliant machine marks a turning point in high performance automobiles.

Competition: None, period


PS: For what you get for nearly $400K, there really ought to be a tip line on the bill of sale so you can fill in a little bit extra for Ferrari’s engineers.


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  1. John Paskvan July 31, 2013 at 2:17 PM - Reply

    As I read the text of your article, I realized 95% of it applies to the C7 Corvette. Something to think about.

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