Friend and client, Steve Braverman, encouraged me to get behind the wheel of his newest ride, the Ferrari FF.  I get it now, and frankly I didn’t get it before I spent a little time scooting around town.

Photos don’t do the Ferrari FF justice and the car is smaller in the flesh, but this thing is big.  Ferrari’s first ever 4 wheel drive vehicle is a little bit station wagon, a little bit SUV.


FF?Ferrari FF

  • FF stands for four seats and 4-wheel drive
  • The 4-wheel drive is an interesting arrangement in which a second transmission pulls power from the front of the engine, providing only about 20% of the horsepower to the front wheels
  • 4 wheel drive is only available when the switch on the steering wheel is turned to the “comfort” or “snow” positions, which means you’re almost always going to be driving in the traditional 2-wheel drive layout



Kissing cousin to the Ferrari F12 front and rear, there is no mistaking this car for anything other than a Ferrari.


Skip first class seating and move right to private jets, the cabin says supermodels and cold champagne.  In fact, bring a bunch of supermodels as long legs have ample room to stretch out in the perfectly sculpted rear seats, which, by the way, fold flat.


Except for the usual stares, pottering around town and the FF is like any other car.  It’s only at the open stretch of road that your driver’s license begins to get nervous, because 650 HP and a race-tuned chassis are just begging for driver involvement.

You might feel the length and weight of this car on the track but you won’t on a public road.  Slice and dice just like its smaller siblings and the Ferrari driving experience unfolds before you.  No understeer, would take insane speeds to lose control of this car, and the ever-changing exhaust note aria is intoxicating to say the least. At every corner or straight stretch of road, the FF will constantly urge you to uncivilized behavior



I used to imagine this car driven to the heli-pad by a very rich older gentleman struggling with a large amount of luggage, and I’m sure there’s some of that.

Now I think the FF was designed with the sporting male in mind; the avid bicyclist, golfer, salt water fisherman, the guy as likely to be carrying SKUBA gear to his boat as skis, boots and bindings will all fit.

PROS:Ferrari FF

SLAMMING FAST, A WELTERWEIGHT IN A CRUISERWEIGHT BODY the driving experience is everything I have come to expect of a Ferrari.

  • 650 HP @ 8000 RPM
  • Typically beautiful Ferrari interior
  • Great rear seats
  • Tons of room


  • Price
  • Styling not to everyone’s liking


Make no mistake, the Ferrari FF is no impulse buy, but rather a carefully selected automobile for the guy that desperately needs to keep high performance on tap, but understands the responsibilities of life in the fast lane… Can’t have your cake and eat it too?  Maybe we’ve all been wrong…

Competition:  Bentley GT, Porsche Panamera


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  1. Lilia Chacon October 1, 2013 at 10:24 AM - Reply

    Well done Dave, you made me think again about a Ferrari I was willing to dismiss. Love the writing…supermodels and cold champagne!…and the cabin and driving descriptions are vivid. Standouts: 4-wheel drive, engine note and 650hp! Thanks for an eye-opener about a car I will never own but certainly understand better thanks to you.

  2. […] did a good bit of magic redoing the old FF (Ferrari FF).  From the curvy swoop on the side, to the front and rear facelift, the 2017 Ferrari GTC4/Lusso […]

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