New Ferrari marks Ferrari’s 50 years in Japan…

Ferrari J50

Ferrari J50

The 50th anniversary of Ferrari in Japan was commemorated by revealing a new, limited edition Ferrari, the Ferrari J50.

Although based on Ferrari’s 660 HP 3.9 Liter twin turbocharged  V8 from the 488, the J50 is a totally different car.

A two seater, the J50 is a mid-engined targa top configuration that marks a throwback to many iconic road Ferraris, like the Dino and 308/328 series from the 70’s and 80’s.  Like those cars, the two piece targa top stores conveniently behind the seats.

Visually gorgeous, the very low-slung body has the radiators redesigned to sit lower in the car and and the air funnels in the front and the front bumper are completely new.

Ferrari J50

Ferrari J50

Though futuristic in styling, the Ferrari J50 is also a throwback to the 50’s and 60’s barchettas, which also were 2 seaters, usually for racing, often without a proper windscreen and totally devoid of space for luggage.

Over the engine is an intricately shaped transparent polycarbonate cover that still shows the motor but the cover now becomes a focal point unto itself.  That same cover also ends at  two individual rollover hoops that serve to protect driver and passenger.

Seen from the rear, a quad taillight setup is a widening element but actually integrates with the totally redesigned rear diffuser.

20 inch rims or not, the J50 seems to be flat on the deck and threes shades of red over black give the impression of this Ferrari being layered like a wedding cake.

With a very slick interior, the J50 is trimmed in the finest red over black leather, offset with Alcantara here and there.

Before you put in a call to your local Ferrari dealership, know that only 10 are being built, undoubtedly going to very special customers, all with long connections to the Ferrari factory.

Ferrari does nothing without good reason and this hyper-aggressive design may point the direction for the 8 cylinder cars in Ferrari’s future, and the look is what every 488 owner wishes they were driving now.  Correct that to say, what ever sports car owner wishes they were driving right now.

Ferrari’s Special Projects Department  will be responsible for working with the individual buyers to build each J50 to the their unique specifications.



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