The story goes a bit like this;

Enzo Ferrari needed to build 500 V-6 motors to compete in Formula 2 racing but didn’t have the production capacityHis friends at Fiat did, and the result was a marriage of convenience with Ferrari getting his motors and Fiat getting a sporty new vehicle with a prestigious engine.

Ferrari then decided to build a small sports car, utilizing the Fiat built engines, and both called their cars Dinos; Ferrari in honor of his late son, and Fiat, probably to emphasize the tie-in with the famous racing manufacturer.  We good so far?

Poor man’s Ferrari no more, astronomical prices on almost everything Italian have a way of floating all barchettas, and the Fiat Dino is no exception.

Fiat made two versions, a coupe and the spyder, and the rag-top 2.4 liter is the car to own for the increased performance and rarity, with only 424 produced.

Car snobs are always going to sneer at the Fiat name badge, but with looks to spare and exceptional performance against contemporaries (Alfa Giulietta- 0-60, 11 seconds, Porsche 911 S, 0-60 8 seconds) Fiat Dinos’ are now gaining serious respect in the collector car market.


1969 Fiat Dino Spyder

1969 Fiat Dino Spyder

The numbers…

  • 0-60 under 7 seconds
  • Top speed of 130 MPH
  • Sounds like a V-12

As an interesting note…

Ferrari grabbed 150 2 liter Fiat engines, dropped them into his new little Ferrari 206 Dino, but claimed they had 30 HP more than the identical Fiat motor.  I love great marketing.

I think you will enjoy…

the vintage clip of a young woman driving her Fiat Dino on a twisty mountain road.  I’m only sorry I wasn’t the guy sitting next to her 30 years ago.  

CLICK HERE for the Video  (2:12)



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