As a consumer of luxury cars, the Middle East is unparalleled, and with the concentration of wealth there, many first cars for young drivers are 488’s, Aventadors, and GT3’s.

Like oil, money has had a one-way flow out of the region and into the coffers of luxury car manufacturers, but that may all be about to change with the release of the Elibriea, the first Arab supercar.

At the Qatar Auto Show last January, Dubai-based W Motors unveiled their stab into the realm of producing low-volume, high-performance cars.

According to their press release, the goal is, ”…elegant design, lightweight construction, and robust engineering…” …and “net thrusts per unit mass…”.  Yes, I’m confused about the net thrust thing as well.

But even more confusing is the look; this is Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, done with absolutely no thought to aesthetics.

In the beginning, the Ford Model A wasn’t a thing of beauty either, so let’s give them a chance.  Customizable to the owner’s whims, let’s hope they start with the body.

Thumbs up to what may turn out to be a new player in the supercar automotive world. Thumbs down to whatever constraints were put on the design team.

video here: http://www.elibriea.com



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