Got a “keeper” at home but interested in a little something… else? A little something…different? We all know (or imagine) the financial costs of “stepping off the reservation”, but what if you could do it safely, without always looking over your shoulder…



écurie25 the largest and fastest growing supercar club in the world is now in the US.

My guest writer, Martin Hancock, dropped me the following:

The concept of a supercar club is simple. The running costs, depreciation and hassles of owning a supercar are exorbitant, especially considering that most owners won’t use the car more than 30 days a year anyway. Instead club members pay an annual membership fee for the opportunity to drive a variety of the most exotic cars in the world; such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins etc. without any of the hassles of ownership and for a fraction of the ownership cost. They also benefit from taking part in social events and driving experiences with other members.

In these austere times, supercar club membership is becoming increasingly attractive as people either struggle to get car financing, prefer to keep a more modest profile or simply prefer the flexibility.

Founded in 2005, écurie25 is the largest and longest established network of supercar clubs in the world. The only professionally run supercar club operation in the world to have survived the 2008 recession; we have a proven business model that is highly innovative and exclusive.

Today the écurie25 network of clubs spans the UK, Australia and the first club in the US is open in New Jersey. One of the key benefits of the écurie25 club scheme is the reciprocal arrangements between all clubs allowing members of one club to drive cars at all the other clubs – truly a global membership scheme.

(Dave’s comment:  NetJets for automobiles has finally become practical and the social interaction and club reciprocity makes an attractive alternative for those seeking the multi-car experience-AND if club ownership fills a niche in your portfolio, read on below)

ecurie25 is now seeking Master Franchise partners who have the ability and knowledge to develop multi unit franchises across the USA. écurie25 offers experienced business owners who understand the automotive and/or luxury sectors, a great opportunity to make money in a dynamic environment with engaging, fun-loving customers and products that are a dream to work with. More information can be found here

Martin Hancock, International Development Director.

World Franchise Associates &

London, Chicago, Doha & Kiev

Mob:   +1 847-910-9150

Office: +1 847-277-1870

Skype: martinhancock1000


Thanks for the information, mate!

Many of you know my good friend Martin as a track instructor for the FCA and other clubs.  Interested in Ecurie25?  Reach him above.

See you on down the road,


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