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A little while back, I spent an hour with Sean Welch, fixed operations manager at Lake Forest Sports Cars, in Lake Bluff, Il.

I had gone to talk about getting your car ready for the spring and we sort of morphed into the importance of your car’s maintenance history.

“We want to get you on a spring or fall schedule”, he said.  A time to have a check-up and let the service department, “kick the tires” and “probe, prod, listen”.

A multi-point inspection is done as courtesy and lets you know what is happening with your car.  Fluids, battery, tires, bulbs, nearly all functional controls are checked and the car is road tested.



Stop Here

According to Sean,

  • A thorough pre-flight inspection gives you AND your dealer a baseline about your car, and helps establish OR continue its history. 
  • This is the time Sean and his crew check for campaigns and recalls from the factory. Did you miss a safety issue recall?
  • If something needs attention and you chose to defer maintenance, Sean is going to talk you through paying it forward in an ugly way.  Put a $2500 repair job on hold now and it’s likely to cost you 3 times that amount in 12 short months.


And the biggest reason for deferred maintenance is procrastination.  Most people who buy Ferrari, Maserati and Aston Martin are busy people, working hard in tough economic times.  But some day you will sell your car, or someone will sell it for you.  Maintenance history on your sports car is just as important as the make and model, and the more expensive the machine, the more receipts your potential buyer is going to want to see.

Sean was quick to point out that LFSC wants their customers to know that they are serious about them, and want to work with you on maintaining your vehicle.

Do It Before Something Goes Wrong

Just like you want your client to buy from you, Sean wants to see you back for maintenance, and he doesn’t want you to take off for an independent shop when the dealer probably knows your car better than anyone else.

Which means competitive rates, especially on older cars long out of warranty.  So ask Sean before you shop for maintenence on your ride, and you might be surprised to find out that the most competitive pricing around is found at the place where you bought it.

See you on down the road,


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