Gordon Murray’s marvelous T33 and T50

Gordon Murray  is just one those guys that will never stop working, and will probably choose to built cars even after he has passed on. We should all thank God for the likes of him.   T33 VIDEO HERE 

Known for constructing Formula One machines like the Brabham BT52 car and the McLaren F1 road car, his brilliant design work has led him to a resurrect one of his true passions, sports cars of the 1960’s.  Fast, of course, they must also be beautiful, and true to his cause, the Gordon Murray T50 and T33 are timeless designs guaranteed to make any sports car lover convulsively reach for their checkbooks.  His, and my, favorites include the 206 Dino SP, Alfa Type 33 Stradale, and Porsche’s 904.  

That’s always been Murray’s signature; ultra-lightweight carbon fiber, molded into beautiful bodies, with a huge influence to aerodynamics.

The T33 isn’t just a watered down T50. Rather it steps away from the T50’s brutish ( see T50 video below), no nonsense character, making the T33 a user friendly version of its big brother.  Powering his fantastic T50 and T33 is the world’s finest V12 ( interestingly, Maranello never returned my calls).

Power comes from a new reconfigured version of the Cosworth GMA V12, the world’s lightest, highest (and fastest) revving, and most technically advanced V12 ever. This Cosworth V12 makes more revs, torque and horsepower from the 3.9 liter machines, than the McLaren F1 road car with 6.1 liters.

A smidge under that 4 liter mark, naturally aspirated, the T33’s V12 makes 607 bhp and revs to 11,100 rpm’s, making it the second highest production car (after the T50) with that kind of ceiling.   Murray claims the T33’s engine delivers 75  percent of its max torque at just 2,500rpm, and a full 90 percent of it from 4,500 rpm to 10,500 rpm. A real screamer.


When you have the greatest V12 in the entire history of internal combustion, you’d be mad not to use it again…  Gordon Murray

Out of the box, the T33 comes with a very light weight 6 speed manual, but also available is an option semi-auto paddle shifter called the instantaneous gear shift (IGS) which delivers lightning shifts with no torque interruption, and is both lighter and less complex than systems used by other exotic cars.  Uh, no, that doesn’t mean less expensive.

To give some perspective of the T33’s performance, you only have to look at its slightly higher strung, track car the T50 VIDEO HERE.  At the Goodwood Members’ Meeting on the Sussex circuit, October 16-17 2021, three-times Indianapolis 500 winner Dario Franchitti made the first ever appearance on the Goodwood track. Dario admitted it ‘was a privilege and slightly terrifying’ …the most memorable moment, he said, was getting wheelspin ‘north of 11,000’ as a he shifted from fourth to fifth on a rainy Saturday. ‘It gave me goosebumps. It’s just incredible.’


The T.33 is our second supercar. We are a British manufacturer of exclusive and beautiful lightweight supercars. Classically designed without the need for unnecessary aerodynamic devices, the T.33 adheres to all of Gordon Murray Automotive’s 7 design principles. It’s lightweight, totally driver focused, timeless in style, aerodynamically advanced, practical and very fast. The T.33 uses a new carbon and aluminium superlight architecture that offers excellent torsional rigidity and lightness. As with all our cars, only 100 examples will be assembled, all meticulously by hand. This ensures exclusivity and offers a highly personalised customer experience. The T.33 will be the first car built at GMA’s new global headquarters and technology campus – Highams Park in Windlesham, Surrey, south-west of London. It joins the T.50, the company’s flagship, in the blossoming GMA range.

 “It’s a beautiful timeless design. The engineering artistry extends throughout the entire car, from bespoke switches to engine components that are pure sculpture. Everything you see has a function, nothing is superfluous. It’s the beauty of simplicity.”–

Gordon Murray Automobiles


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