Good Wood Hysterics…BreadVan to The Rescue!

1962 Ferrari 250GT Breadvan

1962 Ferrari 250GT Breadvan

Where else can you witness the Breadvan (Ferrari 250 GT, serial # 2819GT) battle it out down to the wire with an E-Type, one of several in the race.  And where else can you witness one of those E-Types punting a Ferrari 250 GTO into the weeds in that self same race.?  Good Wood. (3:25sec video below)

One of my favorite venues in the world is Good Wood, in Sussex, just south of London.  It’s here you see cars being driven as cars, mostly for racing.  But when things so wrong here, it’s likely to be very wrong.

Breadvan, GTO and E-type 

In an absolutely stunning race, the Breadvan just nipped a pesky E-Type in heart-stopping series of lead changes that must have had attending restoration shops rubbing their hands with anticipation.

That winning Breadvan is still a story of controversy, set off by internal strife at Ferrari.  The one of a kind 250 GT was brought into existence by the notorious “palace revolt” in Modena, October, 1961.  Originally a 250 SWB built to racing specs, 2819 was redesigned to be a better GTO.

Ferrari 250GT Breadvan

Ferrari 250GT Breadvan

As the story goes, unhappy Ferrari employees stormed out after a fight with Ferrari’s wife.  Taking with them engineers Giotto Bizzarrini and Carlo Chiti, they defected to Count Volpi’s racing team, Scuderia Serenissima.  Also going was the collective knowledge of the defectors, all largely responsible for the design of the Ferrari GTO.

In competition at Le Mans in 1962, the 150 pound lighter Breadvan stayed ahead of the GTO until retiring after 4 hours.  Ah well…

An interesting story, but a very interesting video of what racing must have been like, all those years ago.

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