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How to Build a Patina Volkswagen by Mark  Walker

How to Build a Patina Volkswagen by Mark  Walker

 …Always eye-catching, fanciful, fun, you simply can’t resist smiling.

Now author Mark Walker has lain bare the secrets to these little gems, and goes to show you that you don’t have to live near the beach to own an ultra-cool ride. How To Build A Patina Volkswagen may end up as just a coffee table book for the so inclined, but for others, patina VW’s are now a lot closer to occupying their garage space.
…The explosion of Patina Volkswagens on social media has inspired those car fanatics, who realise that you don’t have to restore a car to end up with a good-looking ride. At last, you can stand out from the crowd, even on a tight budget. Interest in patination has undoubtedly resulted in increased car values, and turned a brand of cars that had always been a cheap, honest mode of transportation into something cool with a high price tag…
• Covers the different styles of Patina VWs
• Explains what constitutes a patina Volkswagen
• Shows the reader what is involved in purchasing a Patina project vehicle
• Explores a brief history and evolution of the Patina scene
• Looks at sympathetic restoration of VWs
• Looks at car preservation, not restoration
• Focuses on both modified and unmodified cars
• Explores the different manifestations of the look
• Covers some of the most common modifications
• Shows the reader all of the individual elements needed to build a good-looking Patina VW
How to Build a Patina Volkswagen by Mark  Walker
ISBN: 9781787115002
UPC: 6-36847-01500-8
Hardback • 9.84 x 8.14 in • $45 • 160 pages • 333 pictures • ISBN: 978-1-787115-00-2 • UPC: 6-36847-01500-8
$45.00(US), $60.00(CAN)
Over 25 years of VW ownership and over 100 air-cooled Volkswagens have now passed by since that point. Mark was the owner and operator of The Bus Station (2002-2013) and Vintage Werks (2006-2007) – both companies heavily immersed in the VW scene that were known for importing classic Volkswagens from around the world, and carrying out sympathetic restoration work. These companies also gained an international reputation for out of the box thinking, high-quality suspension modifications and turning out magazine feature worthy cars.

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