The last Gallardo

Since inception, Lamborghini has manufactured a little over 26,000 cars and the Gallardo has accounted for more than half of that number.

We now know the newest Lamborghini will be called the Huracan, and Italy’s La Stampa was the 1st to release the “official” shots of the new car.

Huracan, Spanish for hurricane, is also the name of a particularly nasty breed of fighting bulls, and from the looks and stats, seems well suited to the newest car from Sant’Agata.


HURACAN anticipated details…

With a 202 mile an hour top speed and styling cues from the Aventador, the replacement for the Gallardo is set to unveil at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show this spring.

A composite body of aluminum and carbon fiber means a lighter and stronger vehicle, and the 5.2 Liter V10 is now good for 610 HP.

Expect 0-60 times in what’s to become the new norm in high performance cars: just over 3 seconds…

Out with the old trans and finally in with the new, a 7 speed dual clutch system, erasing what was long needed in the now done Gallardo.

gallardo2 copy


Steering wheel mounted buttons for Strada, Sport and Corsa modes let you decide on nice, nasty or down and dirty.

My guess is north of $250K as a starting price point, and add 20% to that when you trick it out.


A home run for Lamborghini, replacing the 10 year old Gallardo, and with Audi steering quality and marketing, this is the car that will let Lamborghini seriously compete with Ferrari.



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