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The Bugatti Factory

The Bugatti Factory


The Bugatti Chiron is designed to be the fastest, most luxurious, and most exclusive sports car in the world.  The factory in Molsheim, France, is easy to get into, if you order one.

Steeped in history, production of the latest and greatest from Bugatti is an amazing feat.  This is ‘Haute Couture de l’Automobile’ at its finest.

At Bugatti, no conveyor belts nor robots can be found. People work at 12 stations, as in the workshop of a Formula One team.

Bugatti Chiron Assembly

Bugatti Chiron Assembly

Completely hand built, production takes about two months and the labor of 20 employees to assemble almost 1,800 parts.  On average, about six months pass between the start of production and the actual delivery to the client.

“La Maison Pur Sang“ (The Thoroughbread House), Bugatti is virtually in a position to meet a customer’s every wish – provided that installation in the super sports car is technically feasible.

The production building for the Chiron, which Bugatti calls “Atelier“, has a floor space of more than 10,000 sq ft. and an oval configuration, based on the French brand’s logo, the Bugatti “Macaron”.

At the first station, the powertrain is prepared for assembly. This is supplied pre-assembled from the Volkswagen Group engine plant in Salzgitter, where specialists build the 1,500 HP engine exclusively for Bugatti, and then put it through its paces on a test bench for eight hours.

At the same time, a similar procedure is applied to the new 7-speed dual-clutch transmission which has been made bigger and stronger to accommodate the high power output of the Chiron.

Pre-assembly is completed in Bugatti’s new technology centre, which is located only 200 yards away from the Atelier. The body parts are installed here on special mobile frames, with assembly points identical to those of the Chiron.

The next stage is a water test. Here, the Chiron is exposed to monsoon rain of varying intensity for 30 minutes to show that there are no leaks.

Bugatti Chiron Water Test

Bugatti Chiron Water Test

When the interior has been completed, the Chiron is prepared for its test and final inspection drive.  For this purpose, the entire super car is covered by a strong transparent plastic foil.  During the test drive, the Chiron is driven to the airport in Colmar, where it completes test of functions requiring speeds in excess of 185 MPH on the runway.

Bugatti Road Test

Bugatti Road Test

Only when the managers are satisfied with the condition of the vehicle can an appointment for handing over to the customer be arranged.

Bugatti is expecting to produce nearly 70 Chirons in 2017, at a price of approximately $2.5M each.


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