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Kobe Bryant and Mamba Sports Academy

Kobe Bryant and Mamba and Mamba Sports Academy photo courtesy InsideSports

Last year I spent the better part of the day at the Mamba Sports Academy, courtesy of Randy Sanders, a principal at Mamba.  After a lengthy orientation to the facility (it’s 100,000 square feet), I got to rehab a life-time of built up injuries  with skilled trainers more used to rehabbing professional athletes.  From cryotherapy, massages and tips from physical therapists, it was an awesome experience, and I would have killed to spend a week there, rubbing elbows with real athletes many of which make their living the way Kobe used to make his.


Mamba Sports Academy

Mamba Sports Academy

The Mamba Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks, CA is one of the premier sports academies in the world. Last December, NBA legend Kobe Bryant, and CEO Chad Faulkner teamed up, opening their doors to pros, amateurs, and those like me, interested in improving my health and wellbeing through mental and physical discipline, including a large dollop of what Kobe calls, “Mamba Mentality.”  The iron will Mamba Mentality is infused into everything they teach and everything they touch at the Academy.

The Los Angeles Lakers super star sees Mamba as “a natural expansion of my commitment to educating and empowering the next generation of kids through sports.”

As Mr. Bryant would tell you, though, downtime is just as important as training, so an occasional party, in this case for charity, is just as important as practice.  In step with Kobe and Chad’s philosophy of helping the next generation of athletes by throwing in a dollop of fun, Mamba Sport Academy is hosting their 1st Charity Basketball Game next week.and I’ve included a general information program for those able to make the event.

R&B Star Quavo Celebrity Game At Mamba

R&B Star Quavo Celebrity Game At Mamba

Whether you just want to meet the stars, watch the action, or consider rehabilitating all those nagging injuries, Mamba Sports Academy offers mere mortals the opportunity to train and condition with the best in the world.  Throwing in an additional party from time to time,

And look for more events starting this year, as Chad, Randy and I are planning some car events, with fun transportation, exotic automobiles, and food.

Information on the Charity Basketball Event is below as is a link to the Mamba Sports Academy.  If you find yourself in the Los Angeles area, drop me a line for my thoughts on an introduction to


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