Land Rover heads to Namibia or the US Southwest…


Land Rover Experience Namibia

Land Rover Experience Namibia

Recently, Land Rover launched a couple of unique travel experiences that combine exotic locals and serious off-roading.  One event is in Utah, taking place just south of the city of Moab covering Arches National Park and the surrounding red rocks area.

The other is a straight out of Africa adventure in Namibia.  The adventure begins with lots of hands-on briefing and instruction from Land Rovers technical and driving experts, before setting off for the African lodge to meet fellow travelers and set off on their journey. Thus begins 8 days of on the road travel through Namibia, with once in a lifetime experiences.  This bucket-list epic includes getting up close with Africa’s Big 5.

Experience Etosha National Park and where the Namibian Dessert meets the South Atlantic Ocean.

Along the way, share stories of your adventure with other drivers while enjoying spectacular scenery.


The Namibia Adventure leaves on May 1st, 2018 and costs approximately $6,000 per person, based on double occupancy. It includes all activities, lodgings, meals and airport transfer.

The North American Experience is for those seeking less exotic, but more challenging off roading on some of the most unforgiving back country on the planet.

The Utah Adventure starts October 21st, 2017 and also includes all activities, lodgings, meals and airport transfer.  This experience is $5,250 per person.

Mark Cameron, Global Experiential Marketing Director at Jaguar Land Rover, said, “Adventure plays a key part in what makes for an exhilarating drive—whether it be an iconic road trip or on the road less traveled.  To do this from behind the wheel of a new Discovery makes it unique.  These driving adventures will offer an exceptional driving experience where our customers will get the chance to push the vehicle to its limits and enjoy unforgettable surroundings.”


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