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At this month’s Techno-Classica in Essen, Germany, Land Rover announced the “Reborn” program, offering clients a unique opportunity to purchase 25 Land Rover Series 1 machines directly from the factory.

These special vehicles are perfect restorations of cars searched out from original, rust free vehicles, all picked for their authenticity.

Land Rover Series 1 Reborn

Land Rover Series 1 Reborn

Stripped down to the frame, these old Series 1’s  are rebuilt by hand according to the 1948 factory specifications.  Original Land Rover Classic parts are used throughout allowing passionate Land Rover customers to acquire one of the ultimate collectible vehicles from Land Rover.

Further, Land Rover is demonstrating commitment to their clients through supporting clients restoration needs with genuine parts that have been out of production for more than 10 years.

Land Rover Series 1 Reborn

Land Rover Series 1 Reborn

25 vehicles, no matter the cost, don’t mean a hill of beans to the Land Rover coffers. But I predict lots of manufacturers are going to be jumping on this bandwagon and I frankly think this out-of-the-box idea will be the next big thing.

Somewhere between $80-100K is going to get you a spectacular little vehicle that is factory warranted and just waiting for 25 lucky owners to add their own patina.

Well done LR.


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  1. […] Range Rover Reborn is a new program offering prospective customers the unique opportunity to purchase an original and highly collectible vintage Range Rover, directly from Land Rover Classic in the UK.  The launch of Range Rover Reborn builds on the successful introduction of Land Rover Series I Reborn last year.  […]

  2. Genuine Land Rover Parts September 15, 2017 at 7:46 AM - Reply

    That’s a good opportunity for land rover lovers. As well as participating in preserving the original parts of the vehicle. Good job!

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