After recently driving the new Cayman S, I jumped at the chance to compare the Porsche with its British equivalent, the Lotus Evora S.

I didn’t get a chance to drive the Evora S on the track but it’s instantly apparent how much better the S is compared to the stand Evora, and nearly all of that “better” has to do with a car guys best friend, the supercharger.  Already a fun little machine, the Evora S just became an awesome ride.

The relatively unchanged V-6 produces 345 HP at 7000 rpm allowing the S version to gain a half second on its less muscular sibling, and it’s night and day in feel.

The Evora S and regular Evora are the only mid-engine cars considered 2+2 currently in production, but 2+1 is probably closer to the truth as the back seat is tighter than…well, it’s tight.  And thou it’s a rather smallish car, the cabin is roomy with very good sports seats.  Not lots of fancy frills, the layout says “driving”, not “cruising”.

The Pros
  • 0-60 around 4.3 seconds
  • 172 mph top end
  • Stick or 6 speed automatic that can be driven in full auto or with paddles
  • Sport button that tightens up everything and activates the exhaust by-pass valve for a very sweet exhaust note
The Cons
  • Pricey
  • Looks not for everyone (yet—see  The Real Deal below)

I just know someone is going to say that the Cayman S is just a little bit better, and that might be true in the hands of a professional racing driver, but plain old everyday drivers like you and me are going to be hard pressed to find fault with the new Evora S, and if you are tired of following the crowd, this might be the car to consider.  Jump in for a test drive.


What Might Come Next—Evora GTE

Something similar to the 2011 Le Mans cars, the Evora GTE (and its variants), may be coming to roads near you one day soon.  I caught a whiff of this at the L.A. auto show and polite smiles were all I got, which usually means the factory will be taking orders shortly…

470 HP @ 7500 rpm…

Build it and they will come!


See You on Down the Road,


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Dave Miller With Lotus GT
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