I had just seen a LUCID for the first time, driving close to my home.  Handsome, stylish, it was impressive, a presence of sorts.  At Fashion Island shopping center in Newport Beach, CA.  I was happily surprised to see a Lucid outlet store with one of their cars on display.  Who am I not to walk in.

TESLA-esk  in storefront presentation, the store kiosk had an air of refinement, a bit of theater, and presenters, not sales people, not only willing to engage, but in a non-pushy way that smacked of great training and lots of prep, as people walking in and out of the store constantly peppered them with questions. 

My first impression of the LUCID is that it’s well designed, very proportional, and a direct rival to the TESLA Model S.  The LUCID is also the new kid on the block, and charitably, the TESLA S is getting long in the tooth.  Very long, and with all the supposed problems with chips, fenders and doodads, Elon and co. should have worked toward changing this body style long ago.

Though starting price is somewhere around $75, 000, I managed to push my configurator to way more.  Have a go and see where you end up below:



That freshness for LUCID translates into star power that’s now lacking “the other brand” and was most obvious to a TESLA owner who was extremely interested in reserving a new vehicle from LUCID to replace his current TESLA.  Warmed by the new design, 520 mile range, and 1111 HP, unfazed by the price tag, though obviously deflated by his inability to reserve the top of the line.  Seems like there are too many in line already for the 1111 hp machine.

No matter how fast the most expensive TESLA accelerates, the LUCID simply has the ability to instantly wow, and that’s all in the styling.  With an obviously heavy nod to the future, LUCID has also found a way to grasp what guys want, as the style is bold, masculine, Mercedes-Maybach in design.  If this much detail goes into design, I can only imagine what goes on beneath the surface.

From Lucid:

At Lucid, we believe in the dream ahead.Our relentless focus on innovation, luxury and sustainability moves us toward a future where you no longer have to choose between doing great things and doing the right thing.

A friend just purchased the top of the line and I’ll be back with my driving thoughts soon.

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