Are You Drawn to Luxury Timepieces?

I met long-time friend and business associate, Phil Saville, at his office to ask him why exotic car owners are so drawn to timepieces.

Phil raced in the Star Mazda Pro Championship, and raced against top-tier open wheel drivers, including Indy Car Series drivers Marco Andretti, Graham Rahal, James Hinchcliffe and Raphael Matos, Rolex Sports Car Series and NASCAR driver Michael McDowell.

He’s also owned a bunch of exotics, and when he wasn’t traveling the circuit or driving his own cars, he could be found in downtown Chicago at New York Jewelers.

And this is why I turned to Phil.  I didn’t want to hear about watches from just a jeweler, I wanted to talk watches with someone that understood both cars AND timepieces.

A partner in this 100+ year old business, Phil is surrounded by diamonds, platinum and pearls, and while the ladies in our lives will enjoy the 1st floor collection of fine jewelry, I headed straight to the 2nd floor watch showroom…


What Watches are Exotic Car Owners Drawn to?

Greeted by miles of watches, pre-owned, vintage and just about every watch line known to mankind, Phil directs me to BRM. He explains that no other watch in the world is so strongly linked to Motorsports.  It is inspired by race car engineering. “This watch is as finely crafted as the latest Formula-1 car”, he adds.


Exotic Watches

Exotic Watches

The BRM watch is advertised as “a watch for the collector who seeks superior mechanical performance to meet the most demanding requirements”.  Entirely handcrafted, each BRM watch is designed and manufactured in the same tradition as the highest performance sports car. Phil’s final words about the BRM are “it truly is a racing enthusiast’s watch”.

Next he shows me Chronoswiss …  Each watch is handmade and numbered creating a timeless value. Phil’s favorite in the group is the Timemaster Fly Back Professional Chronograph.  The workmanship shares a lot of the same technology and precision as a fine, exotic automobile.


Why Are Exotic Car Owners Drawn to Luxury Watches?

People are drawn to watches for the same reasons they are drawn to elite automobiles:

  • Watches make it socially acceptable to celebrate your success in life 
  • Watches let you announce your individuality
  • Carefully chosen, some watches like cars, can have serious appreciation


No I don’t know which timepieces will rise in value, but I do know someone that does…

Questions about timepieces (or open wheel racing)?  Reach Phil Saville at (312) 855-4999…



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