Exotic cars usually mean interesting people, and when I heard about Magnus Walker, Urban Outlaw, I just had to have a chat.

Outlaw…a person who rebels against established rules or practices; nonconformist

His picture should be next to the definition.

And after spending a couple of hours with him, I’m convinced there are far too few Magnus Walkers in the world.

Tall, thin, with a ZZ TOP beard, he looks like he just finished a long set with the Stones, and in a bright corner where garage, office, and living-space converge, we talk.

There, like an addict at an intervention, Magnus quietly confesses to a car hobby “out of control”.

Special Touches Urban Outlaw Style

A Brit, his dad lit the fuse, taking young Magnus to the Earls Court car show back in 1977. There, a 911 garbed in the blue and red of the Martini & Rossi racing team prompted 10 year old Magnus to write to the factory.

Dear Sir, I would very much like a tour… Gently denied then, 35 years later, well…

From his first Porsche, a 1974 slant nose Turbo, through Ferrari, Lotus and other marques, the man has led just the kind of life you would expect of someone with an autographed Alice Cooper jacket and a half-dozen guitars surrounding his workspace.

His garage is his collection; cars done his way, Porsches massaged into what he wants them to be, always with an eye for speed, but definitely NOT the way they rolled out of Stuttgart. Cars you badly want to strap into and hit the gas…


He could care less about offending the “Q-tipped wine and cheese crowd”.  In a world of cookie-cutter sameness, Walker lives by his personal motto, “go your own way, trust your gut, and to hell with what everybody else thinks.”

Now a celebrity, everyone in the Porsche and tuner community knows him, and the factory invited him to the 50th anniversary party, where he stood up, and explained his passion to a room packed with Porsche dignitaries.

“A- listers”, factory bigwigs, and the cream of past Porsche racing drivers, all anxious to hear from a man known as the Urban Outlaw.

He shows me a letter from the Porsche factory, alluding to that 10 year old boy’s request.  Come any time you want, it simply says.  Any damned time you want.

Can’t make it to L.A.?

You can get a large piece of him off YouTube, or at his web site, magnuswalker911.com, where rabid fans are snapping up hats, shirts and car bits.


Not the kind of guy to ever want a personal assistant, he is a man rapidly running out of time (Road & Track just called for an interview, and he was headed to Jay Leno’s the day after this interview), so if you want to see him or his cars, do what he did all those years ago…drop him a line as follows;

Dear Sir, I would very much like a tour…

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Dave Miller With Lotus GT
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