The NCAA Tournament isn’t the only March madness at hand. The 1st type of car madness, spurred on by a particularly nasty winter, has sports car owners all over Chicago anxiously consulting the weather channels for the first hint of dry, salt free road.

Snowbound Aston

The 2nd type of March Madness is worse as it often lingers into April, May and June.

You’ve trickle charged your battery all winter and your car may fire right up, but your battery may let you down  sooner than expected, at a time or place that friendly people aren’t around with jumper cables. 

This spring, after driving that 1st stretch of road that only you know about, make your second stretch of road the one that leads to your mechanic.  While figuring out which fluids to change, mention the battery and ask them to check it while you are there.  Depending on your ride, the battery is easy to locate, or (more often)  an absolute bitch, tucked under an inner wheel well, requiring several hours of gyrations just to get close to. 

They will usually check it for free, and you can save yourself the humiliation of standing next to your Zonda while waiting for roadside assistance.  As an aside, if MY Zonda was stuck by the side of the road, I would make sure EVERYONE passing knew it was MY car.

Zonda Cranking Power

Also, consider a new AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) or “deep cycling” battery designed to loose a very small amount of charge while not in use.  Research availibility on line or just call your mechanic/dealer.

Thanks to Jillian Galas and Keith Straka for the photo of their DB-9.

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Dave Miller With Lotus GT
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