Not your father’s Maserati? Well actually, it sort of is…

The famous trident logo (taken from the Fountain of Neptune in Bologna) has suddenly taken on new luster with the unveiling of the stunning Maserati Alfieri recently at the Geneva Auto Show…

Unusual in the automotive world, not a hint was leaked from Maserati about the Alfieri, and the stunned crowd couldn’t get enough.

To me, “Best Concept Car of the Show” doesn’t really mean much. What really matters is how Maserati shared a glimpse of its future with a huge nod to the past.

Alfieri Maserati, oldest brother of the Maserati brothers, founded a company all about racing. The factory changed ownership numerous times until today, where its been working hard to pull itself out of various woes (both financial and self-inflicted) to stand on the verge of its former glory.1954MaseratiA6GCSBerlinetta 2

On Maserati’s centenario and in homage to the Maserati A6G coupe of the 50’s, the concept Alfieri pushes everyone’s buttons with ultra-modern styling and sound.

• 4.7 Liter 460 HP Maserati GranTurismo motor, the Alfieri sits on a shorter chassis

180 inches long makes the Alfieri a foot shorter than the current GT

6 speed trans

2+2 configuration


Maserati could add the Alfieri to it’s lineup within the next couple of years as the replacement for the aging GranTurismo…

My verdict: A knock out car that everyone will want!

More on the design of the Alfieri…






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