Gran Turismo S

Cars with duel identities often come down wrong on one side or the other.  Not so the Maserati GranTurismo S or the newer MC.

John Weinberger, owner of Contintental Autosports, loaned me one for a while and here’s my thoughts:

In every way, this car leaves the old GT in the dust.  Visually similar, now with:

  • aero skirts
  • integrated spoiler
  • 3 inch wider body 
  • 20 inch wheels


The interior is flawless, bespoke if you want, but what comes with the car is just that; flawless.

A 2+2 with miles of style, amazing comfort and a sporting character, this is a car your wife will smile about when you’re out riding together, and YOU will smile about when you are out pushing it on your own.

No, it is not a tiny car, but it is one of those that shrinks when you close the door, and shrinks even more when you step on the gas.

Now that the MC-Shift dual-clutch has replaced the old ZF transmission, the driver, and not the car, find the right gear for what you have in mind.

With lots of 2+2 configurations to choose from (BMW, Bentley, Aston, Benz come to mind), this car adds sex appeal the others simply can’t touch.  That alone makes the Maserati a stand out.

But listening to the glorious noise the 4.7 liter puts out of the tailpipes makes ditching the M6 seem an easy choice.  I know, I know…but I’ve heard a client’s car with a Tubi and you just want to trundle off to an underground parking garage with a friend, and take turns blipping the throttle.  Brilliant!

The Maser might be the car for you because:

  • your employees won’t hate you like they will if you pull up in a Ferrari
  • your accountant will be able to write it off
  • you will have bought horsepower you can use, rather than horsepower you simply can’t
  • everyone will think you’re going somewhere really cool…


My road test video here:

See you on down the road,


Factory info here:

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