When Maserati North America was complaining about my less than flattering post of the 2014 Q-Port, I was quick to point out that I had not driven one.  So when John Weinberger, Owner of Continential AutoSports, gave me the opportunity to drive the V8 and the V6 in back-to-back comparisons, I was anxious to jump behind the wheel.

In fairness to my prior comments as to looks, well…teenage kids on bikes said ”nice car mister”, and I got thumbs up and lots of smiles from my fellow roadies, so it appears only I didn’t care for the static display this past spring.


A crowed field, no one has the hallowed name and magic Trident of Maserati and for those looking to drive something unique and break-away from the German trio of safe and predictable (Mercedes, BMW, Audi), the Quattroporte will become the serious option.


According to Dave Alexander at Continental Autoports, the Maserati Quattroporte is purchased by the entrepreneur; that guy or gal that sees cutting edge as important, doesn’t have time to be switching back and forth between cars, but needs to drive a sports car with 4 seats, in comfort, with a prestigious name plate.  A different kind of person, the kind that would rather eat lamb than be one…



V8-Color is always subjective but I would have picked this as my choice; charcoal/black is timeless and elegant. Inside, everything falls where it should, with all the important buttons (SPORT, MANUAL, etc. falling to the left of the gearshift, in easy reach. Simple navigation, excellent sound, and a boat-load of rear seating make this perfect for driving or being driven to the office.

Yet hit the SPORT button, point it at the twisty bits, and gobs of rubber grab the pavement and lunging acceleration make this a really serious fun-mobile.

V6-With the 6 cylinder motor comes something that’s been missing from Maserati, namely 4 wheel drive.  Bring on Mother Nature; and it’s going to make your day when you pull up on a snowy Chicago day and park your Q-port next to all those plain Jane Volvo SUV’s…(with apologies to Volvo).

You can load both with options aplenty and you can’t miss either way and here’s the choice:

  • Buy the V8 if it’s not the only car in the fleet, and you value performance above all.
  • Buy the V6 if it’s going to be your daily driver year round and performance takes a back seat to practicality.

Two glorious Ferrari motors with distinctively different personalities.  Both need to spool up a little, with the peaky V6 obviously needing the most flogging.


  • V8 TWIN TURBO 523 HP 0-60 4.7 SEC -$147,000-153,000 (note square exhaust pipes) MASERATI QUATTROPORTE V8
  • V6TWIN TURBO 404 HP 0-60 5.1 SEC–$110,000-115,000 (note the round exhaust pipes)



  • Feels very exotic compared to its contemporaries
  • Price point (especially on the V6)
  • Stand out in a sea of other 4 door sedans



  • Manual button- Auto takes all the fun away
  • Sport button-why would you buy a Maserati and not have the SPORTS setting engaged—all the time?






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Dave Miller With Lotus GT
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