Mazda RT24-P Prototype at 2017 Daytona


Mazda RT24-P

Mazda RT24-P

To much fanfare, the Mazda RT24-P will line up at the Daytona 24 HR on Saturday, January 28th, 2017, and this IMSA class is getting cheap.

Ok, not the kind of “cheap” that you and I think of, but compared to the God-awful costs of other classes of road racing, it’s pennies on the dollar.

Mazda is the first manufacturer to unveil their prototype, and it looks like a win-win for both racing and Mazda’s fans.

The strategic vision of IMSA is to give auto manufacturers the opportunity to integrate IMSA branding into the Prototypes, in order to better engage with racing fans who will end up watching a race car, and then buying that brand.  NASCAR has been successfully doing this for years, but now it’s sports car manufacturers who are catching on.

IMSA’s DPis (Daytona Prototype international) have given auto manufacturers an affordable alternative on a domestic level. Faced with spending hundreds of millions to fight Porsche and Toyota at Le Mans in LMP1, or making a comparatively tiny investment to lead the IMSA series in North America, Mazda, and others, are choosing the value offered in North America, its biggest market.

TV Coverage Timetable for 2017 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship here:

2017 RT24-P

2017 RT24-P

Managing the two-car Mazda Prototype factory race team is Florida-based SpeedSource Race Engineering. The team will race the new Riley Mk. 30 chassis, developed by Riley Technologies.

Riley Technologies has been developing chassis and engine design for many years. They have scored 99 race wins and nine Prototype season championships in North American endurance racing since 2004.

The Mazda RT24-P will be powered by the Mazda MZ-2.0T engine which raced during the 2016 IMSA season. The approximately 600-horsepower engine should be a perfect match for Riley technology, continues Mazda’s long relationship with Riley, and both seem happy to have this first test of the new chassis.

“We look forward to seeing it make its racing debut at Daytona with Mazda bodywork and the Mazda MZ-2.0T engine”, says Riley Technologies.





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