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MV Agusta

Mecum Auctions news:

The final 8 motorcycles from the collection of iconic Hollywood photographer, Guy Webster, are up for auction at the 26th annual Mecum Motorcycle Auction in Las Vegas, NV.  From January 25-January 28th, 2017, those in attendance will have the opportunity to view and bid on 8 motorcycles that represent the last of his original collection that numbered more than 400 bikes.

Notably for his work in film, music and politics, Guy Webster views motorcycles as rolling art, and has left the last of his collection as mechanical art at its best.

Included in the sale are a some very rare bikes, including a 1964 Ducati Twin Cam F-3 Racing bike, of which only 3 were produced and raced to a world championship, and a 1957 MV Augusta Gran Sport Moto Giro.

Ducati F-3

Ducati F-3

$20 bucks in advance or $30 at the door, if you are considering (and we all should be) adding Italian vintage motorcycles to your collection, this auction is one you can’t miss.

See the complete list of items at auction by visiting or calling (262) 275-5050.

South Point Casino and Hotel is ground zero for this event and contact them if you need a room.

reservations: 1-866-791-7626

If you are racking your brain to remember where you heard about collecting vintage Italian bikes, it’s here in an article with Chicago vintage bike expert Burt Richmond.

From the Burt Richmond Collection

From the Burt Richmond Collection

Long time rider and collector of vintage cars and bikes, Burt is considered an expert in what to collect.  A follow-up piece with Burt is in the works, and you will get a little insight into Italian machinery that’s still affordable.



photos courtesy Mecum Auctions and Dave Miller

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