Mercedes Benz AMG GT 63 takes over top spot in line-up…


Mercedes AMG 63S

Mercedes AMG 63S

Mercedes-Benz newest is the long anticipated AMG GT 4-Door Coupe, and it looks like they’ve knocked it out of the park. Powered by a handcrafted AMG 4.0-liter V8 biturbo  produced in two variants, one with 577 hp and 590 lb-ft peak torque, starts at $136,500. and the S version  with 630 hp and 664 lb-ft peak torque starting around  $159,000.

I haven’t driven one yet but Chris Harris has, and a good thrashing is what this car was built for: Chris Harris and the new 63S

The S version has quite a wallop, but you’re only gaining .2 second against the standard version and that comes out to about $7,500 a tenth of a second.  It’s a bit like comparing White Gold Caviar to Almas; how much will you really taste the difference?

Mercedes-AMG GT 63 Coupe

Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S Coupe





Handcrafted AMG 4.0L V8 biturbo

Handcrafted AMG 4.0L V8 biturbo


3,982 cc

3,982 cc

Drive Config.

AMG Performance 4MATIC+ variable All-Wheel Drive system (optional drift mode)

AMG Performance 4MATIC+ variable All-Wheel Drive system (standard drift mode)


577 hp @ 5,500-6,500 rpm; 590 lb-ft @ 2,500–4,500 rpm

630 hp @ 5,500-6,500 rpm; 664 lb-ft @ 2,500–5,000 rpm




0-60 mph (sec)

3.3 (est.)

3.1 (est.)

Top speed (mph)

193 (electronically limited)

195 (electronically limited)

Additional standard equipment for the GT 63 S includes the AMG Performance Exhaust System, the AMG Dynamic Plus Package including Active Engine Mounts, RACE Mode, Drift Mode, and AMG Drive Unit steering wheel controls. The Mercedes-AMG GT 63 and Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S will arrive in U.S. dealers in the first half of 2019. Pricing for the GT 53 variant will be announced at a later date.

AMG 63S at L.A.Auto Show

AMG 63S at L.A.Auto Show

Borrowing heavily from the legendary SLS and AMG GT, the new Benz AMG GT 4-Door Coupe is the third vehicle developed independently by AMG, and its first unique four-door sports car. Engineering highlights of the new Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe include Active Rear- Wheel Steering, facilitating high agility and stability characteristics, standard electronically deployable rear spoiler, providing optimal rear downforce at a variety of speeds, AMG electronic rear-axle limited-slip differential, and specially adapted AMG Ride Control Sport Suspension based on Air Body Control.

Targeted directly at those looking for a vehicle that combines the impressive racetrack dynamics of the two-door AMG GT sports car with go-to-the-office practicality, you and three adults can either dodder about town or tear up the pavement.

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