Mercedes Benz G63:

As subtle as Miley Cyrus naked on a wrecking ball, the Mercedes Benz G63 makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, which is exactly why so many people want one.


What started life under military contract in the 70’s slowly became a sort of got to-have by celebs that simply couldn’t show up in a Ranger Rover.  Fast forward a bunch and a lot has changed from its humble inception, the biggest changes being to speed as stars and mere mortals clamored for bad ass grunt to match bad ass looks.  Enter Mercedes-AMG GmbH, or just AMG.

Mercedes G63


Best known for stuffing large engines into small bodies AMG, continually worked to improve The G-Wagon until the rough ride became acceptable and the acceleration became incredible, considering one of these weighs 5600 lbs.  God bless horsepower!


Fire hydrant where you want to park?  Just drive over it…


The G63 is a statement;  “I want and can afford the largest hammer in the room”, period.  Yes, there is a nod to civility inside with comfy seats, a bit more sound insulation and lots of space.  However both a Navy Seal team and my Aunt Millie will feel equally at home, and I can’t think of another vehicle I can say that about.


Matte black, menacing, and other drivers assumed I had the nuclear launch codes…or knew someone that did.  More than any other car I’ve ever driven, this thing screams Armageddon…


Parked in front of your house, your neighbors are going to think that something has gone wrong, very wrong…


You don’t spend hours poring over factory brochures or on line, slipping colors around to design your perfect Mercedes G63.  This is a vehicle you are genetically predisposed to own, and in the mirror, you know it’s for you.


Mercedes G63 2


  • V8 536 HP
  • 0-60 5.3 seconds



  • Totally unique
  • Valets will be afraid to charge you for parking
  • Acceleration will surprise everyone
  • Superman

Mercedes G63


  • Thirsty
  • Pricey


And for those looking to Release the Kraken, Mercedes also makes the G-Wagon as a V12…



Mercedes G63


Thanks to Parin at Chicago Motor Cars for loaning me the Mercedes G63.
Call him if you want a test drive.



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