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Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

The rich value their privacy nearly as much as they value gloating, and the Mercedes Benz idea of what to build next simply reeks of one upmanship, or two upmanship, or something.

Land yacht, rolling art, whatever you want to call it, the very well heeled will soon be extending garages all over the world.  At 18.5 feet long (Bugatti Royale length at bottom), the ultra luxury coupe is Mercedes Benz answer to the question, “what do you most what the world to see you climb out of?”

A 2+2, the Vision Maybach 6 pays homage to the golden age of aero coupes, but is, of course, loaded with 21st century technology.  Designed as an all electric car, 738 HP hooks up through all wheel drive, certainly making this car fast, and you’ll see 200 miles or so before you need to re-juice.

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

The car looks sexy as hell; muscular, long hood, very shaped fastback, and I won’t even mention an intuitive windshield which allows occupants to control and adjust stuff using just gestures.  Other cars are going to be pissed at you enough without Maybach passengers using gestures.  I’m just saying…

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

“Our sensational coupe, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, represents the ultimate in contemporary luxury. It is hot and cool”, states Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Daimler AG.

From what I understand, no price has been announced, though the Vision Maybach’s target audience probably won’t care.

To save you a Google search, the Bugatti Royale was 21 feet long.



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