My First Ferrari, and a host of other good and bad decisions…by Greg McKibben

Lighting the Fire:

Most seven year olds celebrate their birthday party with their friends and a piñata or trip to the zoo. My seventh birthday started with a quick trip to Continental Classic Motors (now Continental AutoSports) see what my father referred to as the most exciting cars in the world. I really do not remember much from the trip except for my father sitting in a Maserati Quattroport and me asking to go back to Continental again days later. Needless to say I had the bug and my pleading to my parents to buy any Ferrari or Lamborghini periodical they could find at the book store had just begun. Just after my eighth birthday our family was vacationing out West sight-seeing at Zion National park and the Grand Canyon yet my favorite events of the entire trip were seeing a 308 GTS QV and a Lamborghini Jarama parked at our hotel, which of course were the only two photos I framed for my room upon returning. Fast forward a few years later and our little league traveling team had finished the season just in time to for me to attend the Historic Races at Road America for the first time with my father. My expectations were modest as I had no clue what to expect, however immediately after entering in the gates and seeing my first F40 (this is 1992) I was speechless, blown away and did not want the day to end. Neither did my mother as my tremendous enjoyment at Road America meant that my father had a new partner in crime and she did not have to wear ear plugs or listen to car talk for three days straight anymore thus allowing her to now enjoy a book on our patio in peace and quiet at home. After this trip to Road America I had a list in my head of every Ferrari I wanted to own (i.e. all of them) and never wanted to age so quickly so I could acquire my first.

The long way to Maranello by way of Munich & Stuttgart:

A few weeks after graduating college I found myself living next door to Wrigley Field while street parking my college car on the street and watching it deteriorate before my eyes. Two years and 78 Cubs games later I ended up buying my first place in Lincoln park and one of the main requirements was met, a parking spot! By the time I moved into my new condo an E36 BMW M3 was parked right out back. A year later and with summer approaching, conveniently a garage space opened up in the building next door, translation: time to get a convertible! Right away I found a near perfect 964 911 Carerra 4 Cabriolet in Kansas City. After a PPI at a Porsche shop I found myself sprinting through Midway with 2 minutes to spare to catch a one-way 6 am flight to Kansas City on a Thursday in late May. I smartly lined up my day with conference calls and a manufacturing facility tour in Iowa City for my drive home and by 9pm I was pulling my first Porsche into the garage in Chicago. The car proved to be a great summer car until I accidentally stopped by my Porsche shop in the city five months into ownership. The owner of the shop had a perfect 993 911 Carerra 2 Cab in the showroom. Two miles into the drive with the 993, I knew it was a mistake as I loved every single thing about the car and had to have one. The next day my first Porsche was up for sale and I started shopping for a red/black 993 Cab. Sometimes things seem to happen faster than you prefer as it took me again just a few days to find a good condition local red/black 993 Cab for sale. Before I could say “wait, haven’t I been saving my money to buy a Ferrari?” I had two 911 in my garage and no Ferrari! A few months later the first Porsche was sold and I was busy enjoying my 993 Cab immensely. However not much later it was time to move into another condo with my “getting-more-serious-by-the-day” girlfriend. The new condo only had a one car garage, meaning her car was street parking. With love bliss, my decision making had become seriously impaired and less than a year into ownership of the 993, which 100% perfect for me, I decided after 20 minutes of foggy contemplation we should downsize to a single vehicle as I work downtown and take a bus to the office. I drove up to casually look at a few year old MB E55 as she cannot drive a manual so the M5 was out of order. 4 hours later we had an E55 in the garage, 40 hours later I was missing my 993 and approximately 40 days later the E55 had been sideswiped along the side of our garage by my girlfriend, now Fiancée. A year later after two more sideswipes, a dented front quarter panel and scratched up back bumper it was decided the Fiancée was a much better cook and girlfriend than driver and the E55 was sold for a boring Japanese daily driver that she could scratched and dent without concern.

To be continued…

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