I travel a lot and no matter how nice the place, a hotel is just a hotel,  somewhere to sleep, specifically designed to separate you from whatever is out the front door.  Great if you are in Siberia.  Staying by the beach in California?  Not so great.

We found a great alternative that maybe you don’t know about yet.

$150/night in the Los Angeles area is tough to find if you are looking for anything nice.  At VRBO, $150 got us into Venice Beach on the canals (yes, just like the other Venice).  A short two blocks from the beach.  Modern kitchen, 2 bikes, kayak, beach chairs, towels.  Like using your family beach house while they are away, it was inexpensive,  very clean and, most of all, let’s you grab the flavor of the place.  Say goodbye to polite elevator conversation and instead ask your neighbor if you can use a shot of wd-40 to lube up your bike chain.  I did, and we got into a very nice conversation about his restored Jag.

Out The Door

You eat, drink and sleep like a local because you are.  Starbucks is there, but you’ll pass it up for the opportunity to rub elbows with real people standing in line for eggs to order and coffee to go for $7.  I found myself waiting with a dentist with a Porsche fetish; he’s got two already and is looking for a third.  And six motorcycles!  He says next time I’m in town he and his buddies will show me an 18 mile stretch of highway that “you must drive before you die”.  You are not going to get that info from the hotels’ housekeeping.

Locations all over, if you’re the least bit adventurous, check out the site.  Headed to L.A. and crave beach bodies and ice cold beer?  Email me for where we stayed.

VRBO, or Vacation Rentals By Owner, is an easy to use site with international listing of places for rent.  VRBO.com

Happy Motoring


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About the Author: Dave Miller

Dave Miller With Lotus GT
Dave Miller drives the fastest, coolest, sexiest cars on the planet. He travels the world uncovering the hidden gems in luxury transportation, meeting the owners, and connecting with extraordinary car enthusiasts. Dave is a member of the Midwest Automotive Media Association and writes for various publications. In addition to DriveWithDave.com, you can follow Dave's adventures via Drive With Dave Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and tune into the Drive with Dave Podcast via iTunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud.

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  1. Trish Procetto March 31, 2011 at 6:38 PM - Reply

    Hey Dave, I’m finally getting onto your blog and it looks fantastic! Also fantastic, this photo of the Venice Canals…but where are you and Laura? So glad I got to spend a bit of time with you travelers on your west coast holiday…your little beach bungalow was adorable and perfectly situated. So glad you got to meet and chat with a few car enthusiasts along the way. See you again soon!!

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