You know who you are. That repeatedly disappointed group (and I’m among them) that’s always held the old Alfa banners high, even after Alfa Romeo stopped selling cars here in 1995.


Well buy new banners and break out the Chianti because The Fiat Chrysler Group has announced the return of Alfa Romeo to the US and Canada.
Alfa Romeo 4C (European-spec)


Forget garage-puddles of oil and less than stellar reliability, the Alfa Romeo 4C promises a new day, with a car that has lit up sports car chat sites.


Mid-engined, turbocharged, Alfa has draped a beautiful carbon fiber body over a smart little motor that should make it a blast to drive.


And blame the Feds and not Alfa for this:


  • Weight UK: 2153 pounds
  • Weight US: 2495 pounds


Alfa Romeo 4C (European-spec)


No matter, just the Alfa name will drive enthusiasts into showrooms and I’m betting a big hit for a car manufacturer that’s been sorely missed.


Production figures are set for around 3000 units, and I frankly don’t know anyone that isn’t interesting in wringing out one of these little numbers.


Bentornato Alfa!


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  1. dennis andrews July 12, 2014 at 11:28 PM - Reply

    I love the car even with 300 extra pounds but Alfa is making a huge mistake marketingthrough Fiat dealers. There are 5

  2. dennis andrews July 12, 2014 at 11:29 PM - Reply

    MASERATI Dealers in Chicago that would do a much better job catering to the person buying a 65k toy

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