Old Teammates Rosberg and Hamilton Now in Extreme Racing…

Rosberg Extreme Racing

Rosberg Extreme Racing

Maybe it’s just the challenge of being an ex-F1 driver that propels Nico Rosberg.  What does one do after being a World Champion?  For Rosberg, it appears he’s never slowed down in the pursuit of keeping busy. Mega-entrepreneur, Nico Rosberg’s has been working hard to change the planet through investing in sustainable endeavors, especially the climate change challenge that will eventually affect everyone, and his  Greentech Festival trophy propelled him into his future.  According to Rosberg, impact investing is not just here to stay but an absolute necessity if the planet is to survive.


Now he’s joining fellow competitor Lewis Hamilton, in the off-road Extreme Racing Series.  The Extreme Racing Series appears to be everything Nico looks for in an investable business; sustainable, non-carbon producing, and a bonus for a guy that understands motor sports like few others.  Oh yes, the monetary returns should be impressive.

The childhood friends are remembered for having one of the most intense intra-team rivalries in the sport, which included several on-track collisions, with Hamilton winning titles on 2014 and 2015 before Rosberg took his one championship in 2016.

“The series represents an amazing opportunity to inspire action in the fight against climate change – the single biggest threat to our planet today,” said Rosberg.

“Since retiring from F1 I have dedicated my career to sustainable technologies, so to be able to combine these endeavours with my passion for racing is incredibly fulfilling.”

The all-electric series, which will race the four-wheel drive Odyssey 21 E-SUV, is the first time the pair will come head to head again – this time as team leaders, as both have taken a keen interest in sustainability within motorsport and beyond.

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