Sick of the paparazzi always snapping photos of your car, constantly sticking cameras in your face?

You never should have bought a Lamborghini, or a Nissan Figaro, for that matter.


In Montreal a couple of weekends ago, I and a boat load of other tourists just couldn’t help snapping photos of the just-married couple posing for wedding shots (notice the ironic message above their heads).  As important as their occasion was, only their photographer was interested in them…everyone else swarmed the little Figaro.


Originally designed for production only in Japan, the tiny retro-mobile found its way to the UK and then to Canada, hence my sighting.


I’m used to seeing and driving exotics so the sight of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Bugattis is no longer the head turning experience of my youth, but like a 16 year old in full hormonal flight, I couldn’t help but join the crowd, following and clicking away it the pint sized aqua colored beauty.


Need attention?  You can buy a Lamborghini Gallardo (production 10,000) or find a Nissan Figaro (production 20,000) and it will be a jump ball as to who gets photographed more.  But when it comes to charisma, the Nissan Figaro is the more approachable since nobody knows what it is and everyone finds it adorable.



  • 1000 CC’S
  • 3 speed auto
  • 1800 LBS, wringing wet
  • Top speed about 105 MPH
  • Retractable top completely hidden in the trunk

Originally only 8,000 were produced but demand was so great that Nissan produced another 12,000 but made them available only through a lottery system.



  • Only 10 left hand drive cars made
  • Eric Clapton owned one as do lots more celebs


CLICK HERE to see more via a YouTube Video (1.32)


See You Down the Road,



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