God Of The Winds: Huayra…


Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra


So you are in that oh my God I just sold my company for obscene amounts of money state of mind and you’re a bit bored with the offerings from Ferrari, Lamborghini and such.  What do you buy?  How about a trip to that other Italian manufacturer, Pagani.

Just a 30 minute drive from Ferrari lies the Pagani factory, and here they carefully construct ultra low volume hyper exotic machines with names like Zonda, and its replacement, the Huayra.

Huayra means God of wind, and according to Richard Hammond’s video below, that wind blows this Pagani to 230 MPH.





Huayra Interior

Huayra Interior


All that grunt is provided courtesy a 6 liter twin-turbo V12 made exclusively for Pagani by Mercedes AMG devision and those guys really know what they’re doing.

A 7 speed single clutch sequential gearbox channels 730HP to the rear wheels and 0-60 takes a very scant 3 seconds.

Keeping all that fury on the road is accomplished through the magic of aerodynamics.  The body shape of the Huayra is like a wing and to that end, front and rear flaps at the four corners open and close, working with the brakes to reduce speed at a much greater rate than with brakes alone, meaning even I would have trouble spinning it.

Here’s Richard Hammond on and in, the Huayra:  https://youtu.be/-_bakHYcD9o (8:06)


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