Parche Launch

Parche Launch


It’s December in Chicago, and you’re freezing your ass off waiting at the valet stand, wishing there was a better way to retrieve your car.  Through a smartphone app, a Chicago-based startup has just answered that wish, if you eat at certain places.

Like ride sharing, Parche (French for “why didn’t I think of that”) offers the convenience of smartphone technology to wirelessly alert your valet to get your vehicle, pay your tab and leave a tip… all while enjoying that last swig of port.

Uber-esque in concept, it takes seconds to get onboard, is totally cashless, and leaves you with only dim, distant memories of fumbling for that little stub they gave you on the way in.  And bumming a couple of bucks off your date?  Not anymore.




Parche Screen

Parche Screen


Parche---how it works...

Parche—how it works…




From Parche… “you simply register and scan your valet ticket to request your car. The app notifies you when your vehicle is pulled up, so you can walk out, jump in and drive off. We’re saving customers’ time, while enabling local businesses to offer their valued patrons an overall better experience….”

After a very successful rollout this past Valentine’s Day in Chicago, patrons, valets and restauranteurs all agree, the service works great.  And a rapidly growing list of restaurants and venues are being added to this service.  I haven’t tried it myself, but friends have and it’s pretty slick.

I think the only thing the people at Parche may be worried about is the driverless car.  A decade from now, we may all remember valets as just guys that help you get dressed in Downton Abbey.  Can’t come soon enough…

The mobile app is available free via the iTunes Store and Google Play.

Brought to my attention by Dr. Jagen Venk.  Thanks Jagen!



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