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Podcast: Ken Hill
A wonderful guy, Ken passed away last year and I was lucky to get the chance to sit down with him. What a wonderful life he led.

From his humble beginnings as a teen age apprentice in a machine shop, to fabricating drive systems for Formula One racing cars, Ken Hill of METALORE, INC., in El Segundo, CA. can count Ferrari, McLaren and others as clients. Currently working on lightening components for the reigning champion, Mercedes’ Formula One Team, Ken is constantly challenged to create racing parts for the most competitive motor sport in the world.

Here, Ken gives his take on F-1 team philosophies, how he bought a Cobra from Carroll Shelby at lunch one day, and then modified it, and how his friendship with Dan Gurney led him to own one of Gurney’s Eagle racing cars.

This man has been around the block; quickly.

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