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Podcast: Martin Hancock

Black and yellow Lamborghini sports car

Interested in driving on a track? If you don’t know an apex from an exit point, you will want to meet my guest, Martin Hancock.

From growing up learning to drive quickly on the backroads of the UK to becoming the Chief instructor for the Ferrari Club of America, Central States, Martin Hancock has spent a lifetime becoming good at going fast. Together, we talk about his sports cars journey, what he wants to own, and how he got started in motor racing.

If you are thinking about amateur road racing or just want to improve your lap times, Martin hands you the keys to going faster. He answers questions about what a weekend of road racing is like, and what are the cost. Leave your comfort zone in the rear view mirror and let’s unlocking the secrets to becoming a better driver.

Martin is also the Chief Operating Officer of World Franchise Associates (

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